We differentiate us cleary from the classic electrical wholesale due to our experiences and good references. We have now become one of the largest trading houses that sells lamps, special lamps, luminaires and innovative LED system technology.

We have a listed range of goods which includes 100.000 articles that are related to lighting. On average we have 25.000 several items that are permanently in our warehouse in a high number of pieces and we are able to supply our/your customers with our products in a short time due to our innovative logistics.

We would take on your stockpiling with pleasure. We are able to optimize your service due to our efficient IT-systems, so that you have more flexibility in your core business.

Of course, we also offer lighting consultancy in terms of design and energy-efficient lighting. We lay our focus on your advise that covers all your needs.

Our expert team consists of engineers, architects and lighting experts, who have learned their trade and view their profession as a vocation.

Another line of business of the German lighting technology is our planning department. A_CAD, Dialux etc. are our equipment – Creativity and innovation are our claim! We know how to use both in a skilled and lasting way.

Unfortunately, the service and maintenance of existing or newly installed lighting systems are often neglected. Often, considerable costs can be saved if you create and realize a service plan who is optimized on the requirements. We create with our customers maintenance plans and light intensity calculations, which are optimized for the respective needs and purpose. Especially because the operator has to ensure the demanded minimum illumination at work or on transport routes which are set by the professional association, TÜV and DIN.

Our expert team takes over the complex area of light at this point, started from the planning to realisation up to the opening. In addition, we support you with the highest standards, the stability and sustainability for a durable and cooperative business relationship.

You are welcome to join us analyze your needs and to create a perfect package. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personal appointment.